Poème d’amour en anglais – Poésie d’amour en anglais


Poème d’amour en anglais 

On a tous connu Roméo et Juliette la célèbre  histoire d’amour créée par William Shakespeare.
En honneur à cette célèbre tragédie d’amour on vous offre quelques poèmes d’amour en anglais.

Poème d’amour en anglais : I Love You


Poème d'amour en anglais

Kiss of my Love Your beauty overwhelms me
As I wrap my arms around you
I press your softness tight
Great passion fills my inner being
I’m captured in your embrace
Your eyes control my very soul
The touch of your lips, heaven
Forever frozen in time
All else fades into nothing

Poésie d’amour  en anglais 

Poésie d'amour d'amour en anglais I know that she has told me lies, but I still think of her when I close my eyes. 
I want to give her all I can, I want to have her, to hold her hand.
I see her in my dreams at night, to live without her is a constant fight.
I see her live without a care while I sit dying it isn’t fair.
I fear that I will never move on, while this girl my eyes remain fixed upon.
I love her completely and without exception,
For her I would die, a deadly transaction.
My heart is hers whether she wants it or not,
While I’m without her my soul will rot.
I’ll die alone or so it seems, I’ll never be happy without the girl of my dreams.

Poème d’amour en anglais : I love you in every way 

Poème d'amour en anglaisThe way you breath makes me calm
The way you speak makes me warm
The way you see right through me
You make me the girl that I want to be
The way you smell, your perfume It is like to be in Heaven, I assume
The way you taste, better than any chocolate
The way we fit together, it must be fate
The way you smile makes me want to kiss you
The way I am when I am with you, I could never be blue
The way you stole my heart and kept it
The way we belong to each other, we fit
The way I will miss you until the next time we meet
The way we are perfect, together we are complete
All these things I love about you
But most the way you love me too
I love you’ is all I want you to say
We are perfect in every way